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A unique decorative element to be put over the neck of bottle, our capsules offers a perfect final touch for any bottle. With a wide range of customization possibilities (color, printing, embossing, etc) this is an element that allow enhance your brand.


Capsules are divided in 3 different segments: PVC capsules; Polylam capsules; and Champagne capsules. Each type of capsule offers a different range of properties and the choice of the most suitable capsule should be made according the usage requirements. Our expertise is available to help our clients choose the best capsule for each situation.


Sizes and measures




PVC capsules

From 35 to 80 mm

From 23 to 37 mm

Polylam capsules

From 40 to 65 mm

From 23 to 33 mm

Champagne capsules

From 70 to 210 mm

From 34 to 35,3 mm


Personalized decorative details 

  • Hot foil stamping
  • Rotogravure printing
  • Embossing / relief on top disc
  • Horizontal and vertical tear off
  • Perforation



  • Cardboard boxes



  • The capsules are packed under conditions that prevent damage
  • Capsules should not be stored in direct sunlight as UV rays may damage them
  • Capsules must be stored in a controlled, clean, dry, cool temperature environment and free of odours
  • Capsules should not be stored in a humid environment which could cause condensation and which could result in bottling problems


Use recommendations

  • The capsules are sold ready to be used in the bottling machine
  • Machine should be calibrated according capsules specifications
  • Bottle necks must be relatively dry and free of liquid containing sugar during capsule application in order to achieve a good result.
  • Bottle fit is very important for good PVC application.  Please send us your bottle so that we may size it properly.
  • Capsules appropriated for all types of bottles and recipients.


Technical specifications




PVC Capsules

Capsule skirt thickness

75 μm (± 10%)

Top disc thickness

40 μm (± 4%)

Polylam capsules

Capsule skirt thickness

100 μm / 110 μm

Top disc thickness

60 μm (± 4%)

Champagne capsules


53 μm / 59 μm / 74 μm


 Check our bottling recommendations to help you understand what would be the best capsule for your particular situation.